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Dakota Fanning Mimics Olsen Twins With Sister Elle At Saint Laurent Show Minus Boyfriend

By Rick Vandermeer | February 17, 2016 03:30 AM EST

Dakota Fanning is trying a new method at gaining the public's attention with her sister Elle Fanning. Dakota and Elle mimicked the Olsen Twins, Mary Kate and Ashley, at Saint Laurent show, showing the power of twinning on the red carpet.

"Dakota and Elle Fanning started making their marks in the acting world at very young ages, so it's no surprise that fashion designers are rushing to dress them and have them sit front row at their shows. Last night, the talented sisters attended the star-studded Saint Laurent show at the Palladium in Los Angeles," according to Teen Vogue.

This article also hints at the fact that they are making their first foray into the fashion world, now that they are all grown up.

In fact, Dakota Fanning declared that she will not become one of those child actors that fall into despair. Right before her 22nd birthday, Dakota Fanning got bold and told the world to expect big things coming from her.

"People talked to me about that literally from the time I was so little, and it was just like, oh, so, you're waiting for me to make a terrible mistake," Dakota Fanning said according to Bustle. "But I'm not going to. I don't want to. I never had that instinct."

In fact, it has been some time since Dakota Fanning was alluding to changes in her life, relationship with boyfriend Jamie Strachan and her movie career. It looks like Dakota Fanning has to put in some time convincing people that she is not a kid anymore.

Dakota Fanning revealed that she wanted all her fans to know that she has grown up.

"It's all fine, I've kind of made my peace with the worst parts. But for the rest of my life, I will constantly hear, 'Oh, you're so grown up!' When you're 14 and someone says, 'I thought you were still 8 years old, you go, 'Oh! Don't say that to me.' It's the last thing you want to hear," she said according to Just Jared.

That's gotta be frustrating for the actress as she is trying to become more serious in Hollywood.

By mimicking the Olsen twins, Dakota and Elle may have a good shot at the fashion industry!

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