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Dakota Johnson Takes Stab At Ex Boyfriend Matthew Hitt While Promoting ‘How To Be Single’

By Rick Vandermeer | February 20, 2016 09:07 PM EST

Dakota Johnson let the public know just what she thinks about being single during her promo of her new movie "How To Be Single". This was also an excellent opportunity for Dakota Johnson to take a stab at her ex boyfriend Matthew Hitt!

Just the fact that "How To Be Single" actress is loving her singledom is enough of a retort back at her ex boyfriend.

"I cherish my solitude and I think it's important for young women, especially now, to know that it's OK to explore the world and yourself without the pressures of other people's opinions of you." Dakota said according to Fox News. "I don't need a partner to feel complete. In today's society there's less of a stigma on being single. I think society is relinquishing some of the pressures of needing to find a spouse."

"Fifty Shades" actress also added, "But for the most part, men don't approach me. I think they're afraid. But right now I'm just focused on my work so it isn't an issue for me."

Sounds like she has no need for boyfriend or Matthew Hitt to keep her happy.

But on the flip side, Dakota Johnson has also been saying that being single sucks, which contradicts her latest statement on singledom.

She said, according to E! Online, that the biggest downside of being single is "not being cuddled all the time."

Who can blame her? Cuddling is the best!

But so far, Dakota Johnson has been doing great in focusing on other parts of her career and public image. Ever since the premiere of "Fifty Shades of Grey", the actress has been able to rise as the new fashion icon in Hollywood, flaunting her svelte figure with many of the right sartorialist choices.

And she has her parents to thank for all the success she had so far. From the sounds of a recent interview, the actress may had training from her parents so that she could succeed in "Fifty Shades".

Do you think Dakota Johnson is missing her ex Matthew Hitt? Let me know in the comments below.

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