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Rachel Bilson Helicopters Baby Briar Rose With Hayden Christensen Despite ‘Star Wars 8’ Rumors

By Rick Vandermeer | February 23, 2016 12:31 PM EST

Rachel Bilson is in full swing of motherhood as she lovingly helicopters her baby Briar Rose. Seeing how Rachel Bilson and Hayden Christensen have gotten really domestic, they are choosing to ignore all the "Star Wars 8" rumors as they continue to nurture their baby daughter.

"Hart of Dixie" star was seen shoving "her adorable daughter Briar along in a toy car as they headed to a park in Los Angeles on Friday. And when they finally made it to their destination the OC star scooped the adorable 15-month-old into her arms and carried her into the sandpit as their thrilling play date kicked off in earnest," according to Daily Mail.

But that doesn't mean that Rachel Bilson is totally over her glory days of filming "Hart of Dixie". Seeing how the actress has worked hard her entire life, so much unstructured time off with her baby Briar Rose might be making her self conscious!

To fight her boredom, Rachel Bilson has kept her Instagram account active with pictures of her domestic life. But recently, she changed it up by featuring a picture of a coffee mug that read, "What would Zoe Hart do?"

This showed the fans that Rachel Bilson, at least a little bit, misses the days before her baby came along and when there was her TV show airing on TV.

On other news, Rachel Bilson and Hayden Christensen are so in love with their baby girl that they never feel the need to "leave house". While this domestic lifestyle might get boring really soon, it looks like she is enjoying it so far.

When asked why the public hasn't seen much of her baby girl, she said, "I guess (we) never leave the house. I don't know. It's important to us to keep it private. It's such a personal thing and it's your own offspring. You try to do everything right. We really don't do much."

But staying at home a lot might make Hayden Christensen think about his career. With "Star Wars 8" making a strong presence in the media world, the new father may be thinking about making a comeback in "Star Wars 8".

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