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Adam Levine Back Tattoo Inspires Behati Prinsloo To Get More, Model Posts ‘Art’ On Instagram

By Rick Vandermeer | February 25, 2016 01:00 AM EST

Adam Levine just completed his massive back tattoo and his wife Behati Prinsloo cannot be more proud. She posted the completed back tattoo on Instagram and captioned it as "art". Maybe the model will get inspired to get more tattoos herself!

She wrote on her Instagram, "Some serious art happening between @bryanrandolph @milodecruz and @adamlevine."

So what is Adam's back tattoo like? "Now that the piece is finished, the mermaid and her skull are resting on top of the waves. The mermaid now has a set of wings, too, that span across Adam's back. In the background you can see what looks like an old-school pirate ship, and on the opposite side the sun is setting over the water's horizon," according to Hollywood Life.

Behati Prinsloo has been waiting for her husband Adam Levine to step up his game and this back tattoo might be his ultimate commitment to his wife and their marriage.

It is also very possible that Behati Prinsloo skipped New York Fashion Week this year so that she can get on with her baby making plans with her husband Adam Levine and try to resolve some of her rumored marriage problems.

Back on the west coast, she also uploaded an Instagram picture showing how serene her life is back in Los Angeles, with a swan swimming in her pool.

While Behati Prinsloo is ready to conceive a baby, her partying husband Adam Levine may not be fully up for embracing his domestic side.

"They've been seeing a fertility doctor. They're hoping that with some professional help, this will be the year," according to a source from OK! Magazine.

But on the other hand, according to Enstarz, "Adam Levine is hanging out with rocker Sammy Hagar at what appears to be some kind of nightclub. The two guys pose like rock stars as Levine has a drink in his hand."

Sounds like even the lures of having a baby isn't anchoring Adam Levine down. Let's hope that the completion of his back tattoo will help him prioritize some things in his life!

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