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Luke Hemmings Late To 5SOS Asian Tour Sound Check Due To Girlfriend Arzaylea

By Rick Vandermeer | February 27, 2016 10:30 AM EST

Luke Hemmings is losing 5SOS fans' favors by letting his relationship with Arzaylea get in the way. Not only has his girlfriend Arzaylea have earned a bad reputation amongst 5SOS fans, she also have made him late to 5SOS Asian tour sound check.

But seeing how long Luke Hemmings has been with Arzaylea, she sure is making him happy.

"Arzaylea, girlfriend of Five Seconds of Summer's Luke Hemmings, is already angering fans after she joined her boyfriend for the Japanese leg of the band's "Sounds Live, Feels Live" tour," according to Fashion & Style. "Hemmings was reportedly 10 minutes late to the sound check for the Tokyo concert and fans are blaming the social media starlet for the sexy guitarist and lead singer's tardiness."

Luke Hemmings has been ignoring 5SOS fans to continue dating Arzaylea. He has been taking to all sorts of locales in Los Angeles right before they left on 5SOS Asian tour.

"​If anyone belongs at The Nice Guy in LA, it's got to be Luke Hemmings off of 5 Seconds of Summer because he's just about the nicest guy there is. It's the celeb hangout spot... and amongst 'em all yesterday were Luke Hemmings and girlfriend Arzaylea, who'd popped down for Emo Night at the venue," according to Sugarscape.

And just a few days after, Luke Hemmings posted a picture of himself cuddling with a baby giraffe. That photo could have been taken by Arzay herself!

Luke Hemmings' girlfriend Arzaylea has also been dishing out gossip, in particular about Ash's relationship with Bryana Holly!

"After her phone number was leaked online, a fan reportedly got Five Seconds of Summer's Luke Hemmings GF Arzaylea to admit Ashton Irwin and Bryana Holly have broken up," according to Fashion & Style.

"In a videotaped call, the person who is reported to be the social media starlet admitted of Irwin and Holly that "They're no longer together so it's truly none of my business.""

Sounds like Arzay did another thing to piss off 5SOS fans.

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