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Rory McIlroy Liked By Donald Trump, Girlfriend Erica Stoll Skips Out On Doral To Plan Wedding?

By Rick Vandermeer | March 02, 2016 02:50 AM EST

Rory McIlroy certainly has the support from Donald Trump to do well at Doral this year. Seeing how Donald Trump's Super Tuesday was a big success, Rory McIlroy may want to forget the fact that his girlfriend Erica Stoll skipped out on this tournament to get their wedding planning on the road.

"If Rory McIlroy needed any further incentive to get back on track at Doral this week following a final round blowout and a missed cut in his last two events, the sight of a mounted three iron of his on permanent display in the reception lobby might do the trick," according to Daily Mail.

The same article reports that "the Doral owner Donald Trump dispatched a scuba diver to find the club and, less than 48 hours later to McIlroy's obvious disquiet, announced his intentions to have it displayed."

Looks like Donald Trump likes Rory's fiery attitude towards something that he feels passionate about!

Other than his upcoming tournament at Doral, Rory McIlroy has been occupied with all the hoopla that followed engagement to his girlfriend Erica Stoll. The golfer decided to invest a lot in the Irish Open, which shows that he is seeking stability after his impending wedding to Erica.

"My commitment to making the Irish Open as successful as it can possibly be is well known," Rory McIlroy said according to Golf Digest. "If we can learn anything at all from such a huge event on the PGA Tour, that can only be a good thing. I was delighted the foundation was given the chance to learn more about what has made Phoenix so popular."

Sounds like Rory is looking deep within himself to become more than just a golfer, more than just the bad guy that left Caroline Wozniacki at the alter.

Seeing how Rory McIlroy is still engaged to Erica Stoll shows that things are so far so good!

Plus, it doesn't look like he is about to call off the engagement to Erica Stoll. Articles with headlines like, "Rory McIlroy really enjoys life, goes on crazy zipline in Dubai," according to CBS Sports, has been all over the media.

Maybe he is channeling all his second thoughts and insecurities about his wedding on developing the Irish Open.

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