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‘Shokugeki No Soma’ Manga Chapter 160 Review: Alice Feelings Toward Erina Revealed

By MD | March 29, 2016 11:13 AM EDT

"Shokugeki no Soma" manga chapter 160 is already available online through Manga Here. This chapter revealed the extent of Alice Nakiri's feelings toward Erina Nakiri.

It all started when Azami suddenly showed up after the battle between Rentaro from the Central and Ryo from the Cutting Edge Research Society. Alice greeted him coldly and it seemed that she was not expecting him to appear. Because of Azami's presence, Rentaro and the other elites that were chosen by the Azami felt uneasy due to Rentaro's loss against Ryo.

Azami emphasized on how Rentaro bragged about winning the battle. However, because of their present situation, they've only achieved 32 wins and 1 loss for that day. Alice then questioned his ideals and methods in running the school.

Meanwhile, Erina and Isshiki were talking about on Alice got involved in the Central's Survivor Purge and how she was able to participate in it.

Isshiki revealed that she was the captain of Cutting Edge Research Society. This might be the reason why she is being targeted by the Central. When Erina heard this, she was worried about Alice and what the Central might do to her.

Alice also admitted that she doesn't like the method of her uncle, Azami. He got angry and accused her of kidnapping Erina. She then revealed what her uncle did to her and her cousin.

Apparently, when Alice was young, she used to send letters to Erina, her cousin. However, she never got a response and became disappointed. She discovered, though, that Azami was the one who tore all the letters so that Erina won't be able to read them. This explained Alice's hatred toward her uncle.

She told him that she will not allow him continue with his ways especially if he keeps on getting his daughter involved. Azami left after congratulating her and told his secretary to talk to Rentaro later in his office.

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