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‘Aladdin’ The Favorite Broadway Show Regains Top Position Again: Actor Adam Jacobs Talks About The Details Of The Making Of Successful Shows

By Sunia Mukherjee | April 02, 2016 03:34 PM EDT

There is no better way to start an acting career and reach to the level to perform at Broadway. Adam Jacobs, who is only 31 years old recently performed at the Lancaster Bible College talked in details about his experience of performing in Broadway hit "Aladdin."

Lancasteronline reported about the performance in details. "I was so happy to join such a vibrant community on Broadway," Jacobs beamed. "I have been so lucky." So will the Broadway star Jacobs perform in similar set ups in the future? His good looks and great dialogue delivery has already made him a star.

While talking about the reason behind performing in Lancaster Bible College, Jacobs clarified that David Felty, the program director of the musical theater at Lancaster Bible College is an old friend and he wanted to work with him again. "We did 'Les Mis' together in a national tour. It was my first big break, as an actor," Jacobs clarified. "I'm looking forward to doing a section of 'Les Miz' in the show."

Jacobs had the talent since he was young. He started playing piano at the age of four. Jacobs, who grew up in San Francisco has a wife Kelly and is blessed with 2-year-old twin sons. Kelly too performed in Broadway classical "Mary Poppins.'' Jacobs' sister Arielle Jacobs too performed in two shows in Broadway "In the Heights" and in "Wicked."

Jacobs not only had the natural talent for music, he got himself trained too. "I went to NYU and got (my degree) in theater," he said. "I wanted to be where Broadway was. From there I started doing work on cruise ships and theme parks. I worked my way up."

Jacobs talked about his early days struggle. "There was about a year where I couldn't get work," he talked about his tough days. I was a waiter, I sang on a cruise line that went around the city. At least I was singing, but it wasn't creatively fulfilling. How many times can you sing 'New York, New York,' while people are running to the buffet lines, not paying attention?"

His big break came with "Les Miserables," and from then on to Broadway and there was no looking back after that.

There was another piece of news from Appalachian State University where Appalachian Young People's Theatre (AYPT) created the magic of "Aladdin.'' So this is one story which never gets old it seems.

And for the people who missed the earlier shows, there is one coming up on April 14, 15 and 16 at the Briarcrest Christian Middleschool. The details are available at the Broadway World website.

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