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Minzy Speaks Out For The First Time Since Leaving 2NE1

By Mickey Jamias | May 04, 2016 03:13 PM EDT

Former 2NE1 member Minzy finally broke her silence and posted a long, heartfelt message about her recent decision to depart from her longtime group.

Minzy not only apologizes to her fans but also reveals that she is planning to continue promoting as a solo artist as Minzy Kong. She also thanked everyone for contributing to her growth and the wonderful memories she will take with her as part of 2NE1.

"Hello, this is Minzy. It is with a sincere heart that I write to you all," began Minzy on her Instagram update on the evening of May 4, including a photo of a handwritten version with her signature.

"First, I would like to apologize to all those who expressed shock at the news of my departure. It is after careful consideration and much deliberation that I have decided to pursue a new journey as an artist named Minzy Kong."

"Ever since debuting with 2NE1 at the young age of 16, I have been grateful for the wonderful memories I shared with incredible fans worldwide. These experiences were undeniably precious and I take none of them for granted. Thank you all for helping me grow as an artist."

"I promise to work even harder to return before you all with an improved and more honest version of myself.

Through a renewed vision and hard work, I hope to reciprocate the love, dedication, and support that you have shown me."

"Thank you to all the fans, family, and friends who have shown me their love and concern. I promise to return soon. Love, Minzy."

Most fans responded to her touching letter with encouraging remarks and well-wishes such as "It's finally time for you to shine to your best potential. Wishing you only the best in the future," "I love you Minzy best of luck in your journey" and "Supporting you forever."

But several of Minzy's Instagram followers also decided to unfollow her since she is no longer part of their favorite girl group.

"This is my last comment as I will unfollow you today, a day will continue to support my girls as 3," said one commenter, referring to the news from YG Entertainment that 2NE1 will continue promoting with the three remaining members CL, Bom and Dara.

Articles by Mickey Jamias

Mickey is a writer and digital content creator based in Manila. He is a co-founder of ZAVI App. He has also been bitten by the K-Pop fashion bug - follow him on Instagram @mickjami.

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