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Matthew Perry Opens Up About His Substance Abuse In The Past: His Play 'The End of Longing' Received Mixed Reviews From The Critics

By Sunia Mukherjee | May 14, 2016 10:44 AM EDT


Matthew Perry was the darling of every gossip column and tabloid a few months back when the rumors of him dating his ''Friends'' co-star Courteney Cox came out in the broad daylight. Though the stars have not confirmed the news yet, the fans want to see the couple in real life too. As per the latest updates, he had a memory loss due to substance abuse.

Entertainment Online reported in the beginning of the year that Perry forgot the whereabouts of the TV series ''Friends'' which brought him to stardom due to his expensive substance abuse. A video is uploaded where Perry talks about his dark days. ''During a recent interview on BBC Radio 2 in Britain, the 46-year-old actor found himself unable to recall his least favorite episode of Friends due to his admitted substance abuse at the time'' reported the article.

"I think the answer is I don't remember three years of it," he admitted in the interview. "So none of those... somewhere between season three and six." However, he has come out of that addiction now and is leading a normal life, the shadows of past sometimes bother this talented actor.

Recently the fans were waiting to see the entire cast of ''Friends'' in the re-union which was aired on Feb. 21, 2016 on NBC. However, Perry was in London for his play ''The End of Longing'' which was staged starting Feb. 2, 2016. This play kept him busy in London and only a taped message was aired in the ''Friends'' re-union. The bookings of this show are still going on the London Box office website. ''If you were glued to the telly for Friends, which ran for a decade from 1994 to 2004, you'll be keen to see what flows from the pen of the multi-talented Matt Perry. This is his new play, and by all accounts it's fabulous'' is mentioned in the description of the play.

The fans can view the plot of this play on this site. This play is staged at the Playhouse Theatre in London and the fans can still watch it there. ''Perry doesn't waste any time on exposition. He simply has his four characters come on and announce their defining characteristics. Jack (Perry) is an alcoholic. Stephanie (Jennifer Mudge) bluntly announces "I'm a whore", though one who charges $2,500 an hour. Meanwhile her friend Stevie (Christina Cole) works in pharmaceuticals and Joseph (Lloyd Owen) simply declares that he's stupid'' reported The guardian which wrote a detailed review of this play.

The Telegraph did not give a good review to this play. ''Does the actor not have friends who could have gently pointed out that The End of Longing is a promising first effort but, even aided by his presence, it lacks the dramatic merit to make the exposing leap to the West End stage?'' is what the article voiced out.

So while the fans are waiting to see Perry and Cox as a couple, they also are waiting to see him on air again on a TV series which fans from all parts of the world can enjoy.

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