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Android N Release Date Update: Android N To Revolutionise The Notification Enhancements On Mobile Phones

By Sunia Mukherjee | May 28, 2016 12:23 PM EDT

The world of smartphones is changing very fast and every day there are revolutionary products coming up. Google is in the process of releasing a new OS Android N for the mobile phones which will make them similar to the PCs.

As per the latest update, this OS will allow the users to use multi-screen feature just like they can do on their PCS and laptops. Another amazing feature which we can read about in the official site is that of notification enhancements. As per the update on the developers website, these are new benefits Android N users can expect.

''In Android N we've redesigned notifications to make them easier and faster to use. Some of the changes include:

1)      Template updates: We're updating notification templates to put a new emphasis on hero image and avatar. Developers will be able to take advantage of the new templates with minimal adjustments in their code.

2)      Message style customization: You can customize more of the user interface labels associated with your notifications using the MessageStyle class. You can configure the message, conversation title, and content view.

3)      Bundled notifications: The system can group messages together, for example by message topic, and display the group. A user can take actions, such as Dismiss or Archive, on them in place. If you've implemented notifications for Android Wear, you'll already be familiar with this model.

4)      Direct reply: For real-time communication apps, the Android system supports inline replies so that users can quickly respond to an SMS or text message directly within the notification interface.

5)      Custom views: Two new APIs enable you to leverage system decorations, such as notification headers and actions, when using custom views in notifications.''

Now the entire arena of how the users view their notifications today will change. "More supported devices, including devices from OEM partners will get the firmware'' was the update on Gospel Herald. ''By looking at the previous releases of Android, Google has never released a beta software to non-Nexus gadgets thus far. This is because Nexus gadgets receive the operating software directly from Google, instead of carriers or OEMs. However, this trend might change with the successor of Android N'' the article further added.

So Google is trying to reach out to the larger audience now by making this OS available to many platforms like Samsung, LG, HTC, Sony etc. Only time will talk about the success of this OS.

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