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‘Hunter X Hunter’ Chapter 352 And 353 Spoilers Revealed: TV Series Aired On Toonami With English Dub

By Sunia Mukherjee | June 11, 2016 07:25 AM EDT

''Hunter X Hunter'' manga series is back with a bang and chapters are being published every week now. The fans are happy that the creator back problem is under control and they are getting regular dose of this fun. The English speaking audience is happy as on Toonami they are able to see the dubbed version of the TV series.

Mangapanda has the chapter 352 which is named as ''Troublesome'' and chapter 353 which is named as  ''Devious'' uploaded. Chapter 352 was released on May. 3, 2016 and chapter 353 on May. 12, 2016. Mangafreak too has the entire chapter uploaded for the viewers to read.

Myanimelist has the list of readers who have uploaded their comments after reading the chapter. ''Boy Chrollo has a shitton of abilities. He has to use a billion abilities against a dude with his bubble gum. Glad Togashi addressed the stupid abilities explaining in front of everyone. As expected Chrollo used Neon's prophecy ability and already knows the outcome of the fight, I call bullshit if Hisoka miraculously reverses fate without reading the prophecy. It should be either Chrollo's win or him sparing the clown'' was the view of the reader Drake1000.

''Are the phantom troupe members dead or something? It seems more and more like Chrollo can return stolen abilities if so then why didn't Togashi just establish such a thing to begin with?

We still don't know the bookmark's restriction, it better be a good one if he had to wait such a long time before thinking of adding such an obvious thing. inb4 it's the explaining'' is what he added further.

Reddit too has uploaded the comments of the readers. Christianpost came up with the spoilers of the chapter 352 however now since it is out, readers know where the storyline is heading.

Inquisitr and HNGN had reported about the English dub which started on Toonami from April 16. ''Hunter X Hunter has been widely popular in Asia for the past decade. Though European and U.S.-based fans have gotten the chance to watch the anime series via online streaming, this will be the first time Hunter X Hunter will receive an official English dub'' is what the article had to say.

Watch more updates on the upcoming chapters here.

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