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Life After 'Everything You've Come to Expect': Alex Turner And Miles Kane Open Their Hearts Up

By Sunia Mukherjee | June 12, 2016 06:41 AM EDT

The fans of Alex Turner were very happy when his pal Miles Kane and he released their second studio album ''Everything You've Come to Expect'' under the name ''The Last Shadow Puppets.'' The album was released on Apr 1, 2016 and is doing rounds in the music arena already.

The fans remember that the title track (Everything You've Come to Expect) was released as a single on Mar. 10, 2016. Subsequently the next single "Aviation" was released on Mar. 16, 2016 and the third single "Miracle Aligner" on Mar. 28, 2016.

NME published an article which talked about what Alex Turner and Miles Kane are listening to these days.  They talked about Turner watching the movie ''Carry on.'' The article has analysed about the moods which Turner is going through these days candidly. ''Why is this playlist so tantalising, though? I'll tell you for why: because Alex Turner that there is a mysterious fellow. A mysterious, complex fellow who shrouds his countless levels of complexity in lime green suits and increasingly depraved hairstyles. He's tricky to pin down - is he taking the piss when he talks with that American accent? Or is the Sheffield native actually into this whole lather jack-wearing rock star schtick? Tough one, and he's a slippery interviewee'' is what the article had to say about the mood of this talented young singer these days.

Rollingstone did an article about the current life of Turner and the ups and downs he is going through right now. It was reported that the ''Arctic Monkeys'' famed singer is now moving to California, USA and is trying to relax after the release of his latest album.

So why not? After the success of a creation, every artist has a right to relax a bit and think about the good old days. So what's next for this duo? Watch this space for more updates on the upcoming music from the makers of ''Everything You've Come to Expect'' and what's cooking in their personal lives.

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