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Vin Diesel Talks About Future In Marvel Movies - 'Fast & Furious 7' Star To Appear In 'Inhumans' As Well?

By Aurora Banks | June 15, 2016 11:06 AM EDT

Vin Diesel's performance in the highly successful Marvel movie, "Guardians of the Galaxy" as Groot has earned praises from critics and fans alike.

And while he's up to reprise his beloved role again as the talking tree with heart and soul, it's been speculated that the "Fast & Furious 7" actor could be doing another Marvel movie film in 2019, "Inhumans."

The 47-year-old action star teased his fans on Facebook saying,

"I get the strange feeling Marvel thinks I'm Inhuman... Haha."

And while that immediately sparked rumors that he's hinting his involvement in the upcoming movie, Vin Diesel once again took to Facebook to tease his fans.

"Are You Inhuman?" he posted together with a picture of himself.

And during a press junket for his "Furious 7" movie in Los Angeles, MTV asked Diesel if he'll be appearing in two Marvel Cinematic Universe movies in the future.

"Oh god," Diesel said, laughing. "Wow. Right for the jugular. You see, Marvel? They ask me these questions!"

While he hesitated, he did not deny his involvement in doing other Marvel films.

"You know, I enjoyed the experience of playing Groot. A lot of it was the great cast and the genius of James Gunn. But I also enjoyed, you know, entering into the Marvel world. And... Good things will come from that."

But before he could be doing another Marvel movie, Diesel is still up to reprise his role as Groot in the upcoming "Guardians of the Galaxy 2," and when asked about what his character's future in the film could be.

"I just talked to James Gunn last week once we got all the wonderful nominations for the MTV Movie Awards," Diesel continued. "To think that I'm nominated for best duo, again this year, as a tree [laughs] is pretty outrageous, especially since Paul [Walker] and I won the best duo in 2002 when the MTV audience was the first to embrace [the "Fast & Furious"] saga. It was really was. It was the MTV audience that said, 'this is important.' And they've been loyal ever since to the point, just last year we won the best duo again, 12 years apart."

Whether Vin Diesel and Bradley Cooper would win or not in the upcoming Movie Awards on April 12, the two actors would have to keep themselves busy as James Gunn is already working on the "Guardians of the Galaxy 2."

"I know James Gunn is very excited and he's working on it right now," Diesel added. "He's very excited about what Groot will do in the 2017 movie."

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