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Brown Eyed Girls Gain Reflects On Psy 'Gentleman' And Life After Appearing In Psy's Hit Video

By Staff Writer | May 10, 2013 07:40 AM EDT

Brown Eyed Girls Gain has seen a rise in her popularity since appearing in Psy's "Gentleman" video and the singer opened up about the experience and what is next for her.

Gain has been thrust back into the spotlight since co-starring with Psy in his hit music video for "Gentleman" last month. The iconic Brown Eyed Girl recently sat down with Billboard Korea to discuss her role in the video as well as what life has been like since.

"I never thought I would get so much attention," Gain said of her recent fame. "I just gave it my all with only one thing on my mind, which was not to harm PSY. This is the first time I've received so much love and attention since the release of Brown Eyed Girls' 'Abracadabra' in 2009."

As many know, the 'arrogant dance' Psy used in his latest video came from the original choreography for the Brown Eyed Girls' hit single "Abracadabra," and was one of the reasons the international superstar chose Gain to appear in the music video.

She approved of Psy's reworking of the dance and said, "I always thought the dance was made to fit the melody of 'Abracadabra,' but, surprisingly, it went perfectly with 'Gentleman.' "Because Psy's horse dance image is so embedded, I was worried how he was going to pull it off, but he translated the dance well."

Gain also admits that there were some embarrassing moments during the filming for "Gentleman," but that it was a wonderful experience for her.

"The scene where I'm eating fish cake with red pepper paste came out really nice," she laughed. "The facial expression that I make while biting on the fish cake may come off as provocative, but with the flow of the whole production--I thought it was funny, so I had a lot of fun while doing that scene."

Since "Gentleman" was released last month, it is no surprise that the Brown Eyed Girl has been getting her fair share of attention and love calls from overseas. She is now one of the most sought-after Korean celebrities.

Her group, the Brown Eyed Girls, and "Abracadabra," have seen a sharp increase in popularity as well. "I am so thankful that PSY gave us the chance to spread Brown Eyed Girls' name through 'Gentleman,'" Gain remarked.

She added, "I want to keep making music. I'm so grateful to my members for supporting me and I'm ready to go wherever PSY calls me to perform!"

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