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Comeback Performances from SHINee, Ailee and Monsta X on MCountdown Plus More

By Jaswin Singh | October 07, 2016 06:40 AM EDT

In last night's episode of Mcountdown, SHINee, Ailee and Monsta X had their most awaited comeback. Also, SF9 had their much anticipated debut stage with Fanfare.

Last night's hosts were SHINee's Key and Teamin. Soompi posted that there were also other performances from other kpop groups. Those other performances were from INFINITE with "The Eye", Produce's 101's Kim Joo Na with "Summer Dream", DIA with "Mr. Potter", Dal Shabet new song "Fri. Sat. Sun", Song Ji Eun with "Bobby Doll", Apink with their new song "Only One", Cosmic Girls with "Secret", Crayon Pop with their new song "DooDoomChit", High4 20 with their new song, Honey G. and Anda.

Allkpop said that Ailee, SHINee, and Monsta X each performed two songs. SHINee even had a mini fan meeting before the show started. They first performed "Prism" then performed their comeback single, "1 of 1". Solo singer Ailee who also had her comeback performances at MCountdown performed her pre release song "If You". Rookie boy group from Starship, Monsta X performed "Be Quiet" then their new song "Fighter". FNC's new boy group, SF9 had their comeback during the same episode.

Their stages were really good. Fans were very enthusiastic and energetic as fan chants were really loud and very much heard. SHINee's stage were 80's inspired like their song. They performed in a white stage while wearing different colored suits. Ailee performed with a dark stage matching her song and aura. She did not perform with Yoon Mi Rae during her actual stage but the legendary rapper's voice is still heard. Monsta X's comeback stage was really charismatic. They were all weating black and dancing while singing.

Fans were really excited to see the comeback performances. MNET has released the official videos and even the group and individual fancams. Check them out on their official channel.

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