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Kpop Group 2PM's Monstrous Eating Bill Revealed By Member Taecyeon [INTERVIEW]

By Carlo Rodriguez | October 11, 2016 05:08 AM EDT

People interpret eating in a lot of different ways. For some people, eating is science and for others, it is art. It could be an obsession, a habit or merely just a pastime. But for most people, eating is a natural part of life, one that no person can ever live without.

Humans need to eat in order to survive and this doesn't exclude the celebrities that people look up to so much. In fact, there is one rumor about a certain boy band that had supposedly spent one million Won from eating barbeque alone. 

Just recently, the Kpop group 2PM's diet had become the center of everyone's attention when singer Taecyeon revealed his group's crazy appetite. He confirmed that the boys of 2PM had in fact spent a million Won on barbeque.

Now, everyone knows how hard it is to stay in good shape. And for stars like 2PM who basically have god-like physiques, staying in shape is necessary if they want to keep their good image.

In a recent TV guesting on the JTBC show "Please Take Care of My Refrigerator", the 27-year old singer shared how one time he and his group had enjoyed a barbeque meal that had cost them a whopping $906 in one go.

Adding more fuel to the fire, Brown Eyed Girls' Ga In, who guested on the show with Taecyeon, confessed to how she had been a witness to Taecyeon.  His band member's monstrous appetite recounting the time she saw them eat a large meal that consisted of about 100 lamb skewers.

According to her, Taecyeon ate almost half of them. Now, fans can only imagine the faces of the hosts and chefs present during this shocking revelation.

To his and his group's defense though, Taecyeon also shared how they used to train and work out a lot which had them consuming lots of food in order for them to regain their energy. It should be noted that this isn't the first time that Taecyeon's appetite was noticed by the public.

The young rapper was also a mainstay for the cooking show, "Three Meals a Day". There, he and actor, Lee Seo Jin, would cook and eat food planned by the show.

Large appetite aside, Taecyeon is still rocking a body that would have men envious and ladies drooling. Watch the revelation in the official Youtube video released by JTBC.

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