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Davichi Wants You To Never Leave Them With 'Beside Me' MV

By Jaswin Singh | October 13, 2016 04:57 AM EDT

The talented female duo Davichi has released another tear jerking song "Beside Me". Davichi members both look gorgeous in their newest music video for one of their title tracks "Beside Me".

Allkpop has reported that the beautiful ladies of Davichi are finally back after almost a year of hiatus. The music video is as beautiful as the ladies of Davichi. The two ladies wore long gowns for the music video. the music video has some solo shots of the two looking sad and yearning for their loved ones. There were also scenes where the members were in a forest looking for their ex lover. In one of the scenes, Minkyung drowned herself in a bathtub because of the sorrow she feels.

The song is about wanting to be always beside their lover. They want to be forever remembered by their lovers. "Beside Me" was composed by Jun Hae Sung. It showcased Minkyung and Haeri's powerful voices, as well as the pair's beautiful harmony.

The song started with just a cello and the members' voices and as it builds up the emotions are also building up. The duo perfectly showed their sadness in both the song and the music video. "Beside Me" is another perfect song to listen to when you are alone or when it is cold.

According to Soompi, the music video was released on October 13, midnight at Korean time. The song is one of their title tracks for their newest mini album "50 X Half". Their mini album is titled like that because the ladies said it was about them, that each one of them is the other half of Davichi and that they will never be complete without the other one.

Davichi has also released another music video teaser for a different song starring Lee JongSuk. While waiting for that, watch the music video for "Beside Me" and their "drunken" performance of debut song "I Love You Even Though I Hate You" plus their live performance of their title tracks on their showcase.

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