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Joo Sang-Wook admits his trouble to play role in JTBC drama ‘Fantastic’

By Menahem Zen | November 02, 2016 09:04 AM EDT

Joo Sang-Wook opens up about his role in “Fantastic” to play a famous actor who can not act. He admitted that is is much more difficult to act funny than serious.

In a candid interview with Hanguk Ilbo, Jo admitted that he had fun in filming the romantic comedy drama “Fantastic” which ended its final episode last month. The drama was his first time to work with director Jo Nam-Kook, but he admired the director’s work ethic. When he was asked about playing Ryoo Hae-Sung character in the drama, he admitted he has some problem.

“I worry that I might overdo the character and making the drama look serious,” Joo said. “While the drama’s story was unique and fresh, so it should be funny.” He reiterated his remark about funny acting in another interview with Korea Daily.

Nevertheless, Joo successfully portrayed the Hae-Sung character in the “Fantastic” drama without trouble. He can play serious actor who was unable to act in a funny way. The drama has also scored a stable rating at 2.36 percent at the Nielsen Korea. Since the drama is aired in the cable channel TV with limited audience, the rating is relatively four times lower than that of the Korean public broadcast TV such as KBS, SBS or MBC.

The drama is the 17th drama project for Joo. The 38-year-old actor usually played a charismatic and charming role like his role in “Cunning Single Lady” or “Good Doctor.” In "Fantastic he decided to stretch his acting skill to play a handsome actor who can not act at all.

The award-winning actor has achieved many reward in his 20 years of career. He has won many drama awards from several TV stations, and also the Excellence Actor Award in 2013 APAN Star Awards as a recognition to his great acting in the KBS2 drama “Good Doctor.”

Watch behind the scene of “Fantastic” drama at the last day of filming from JTBC Drama YouTube channel below:

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