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Does BTS deserve the ‘Artist Of The Year’ award?

By jasmooOnce | December 03, 2016 09:34 AM EST

MAMA or MNET Asian Music Awards was held yesterday in Hong Kong. Many Kpop idol groups were present and there were also other Asian artists and even Western ones.

Each year, MAMA gives out three daesang awards, "Song Of The Year," "Album OF The Year," and "Artist Of The Year." This year, year 2016, for the first time ever, an idol group not from the big three (SMent, JYPE YGE) won the "Artist Of The Year Award."

Also known as Bangtan, BTS has won the "Artist Of The Year" award. BTS is from Big Hit entertainment, home of disbanded vocal group 2AM and Glam.

BTS has made history for being the first-ever boy group not from a big entertainment company to win this award. Of course, BTS fans, also known as Army, were super happy that BTS won another daesang this year.

However, there are many people who are claiming that BTS should not have won the award. Many people are saying that BTS does not deserve that big of an award. In short, there are many salty fans and haters who argue that other singers or artist should have won that award.

In my opinion, BTS totally deserve the award. I would not reason out that they have worked hard for it because many idol groups work hard for everything that they do.

However, I can totally say that BTS creates their music. BTS always gives an amazing performance. BTS members are musically talented and that they have some damn catchy songs and their albums are amazing.

I mean, what is the criteria for winning the award? "Artistry"? How do you define that? Of course that is not it.

If it's sales, BTS has totally kicked ass on different music charts, internationally and domestically. They charted on different charts, may it be digital or physical. Their fans totally supported them with everything that they do.

As I was watching MAMA 2016 yesterday, I got total Goosebumps when they were called for that award. It was definitely a moment to remember.

Watch their powerful performance and heart melting acceptance speeches.

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