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Fresh faces: Three little-known boy groups who debuted in 2016

By Charmaine Distor | December 06, 2016 01:09 PM EST

누구세요? "Nuguseyo" is a common Korean phrase which translates to "who are you". This phrase is very timely for the theme of this article.

Some of you might have heard of their amazing songs somewhere, but you can't seem to know their group's name. You might have seen them on your YouTube recommended list, but their faces and name doesn't ring a bell at all.

Well, you have the "nuguseyo" syndrome and here's this article to fix that! Take some time to know more about these three K-Pop boy groups that debuted this year.

1. APL

APL is a four member boy group under DAM Entertainment which debuted in February this year. Despite having a humble start, the group consisting of TIN, Hyuk, Seoin, and J-No has released several songs including the track above entitled "Might Die."

They also had performances abroad such as in Viet Nam where they sang their songs and at the same time, did some dance covers of their sunbaes in the boy group world.


VOISPER also had their debut in February and is also another four member boy group. But, what makes them unique is that their songs really highlighted their vocal offerings through their ballad songs like this song entitled "In Your Voice."

If you are looking for songs and voices ala-2AM or ala-Super Junior KRY, you should check VOISPER's boys: Kwang Ho, Kang San, Dae Kwang, and Chung Ki.


Another fresh four member boy group in town is MASC who just debuted in August under JJ Holic Media. Their name, MASC, is actually a short term for 'masculine' which is the image that Woosoo, 26, ACE, and Heejae wanted to show their fans.

If you are after some electronic disco music or hiphop beat, you should check MASC and they'll surely not disappoint! Try listening to their song entitled "Strange".

2016 is indeed a year of fresh faces in the K-Pop and hallyu world and it's a waste not to know these talented folks. Know more about these new boy groups in town and for sure, your playlist will be filled with new funky music in no time.

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