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B1A4 wins on 'The Show,’ plus Jinyoung wants to work with Gfriend and Twice

By jasmooOnce | December 07, 2016 02:34 AM EST

On the latest episode of MTV "The Show", the newly-reunited boy group B1A4 has won the number one spot. It is their first win for their comeback track "A Lie," which is a mellow dance track.

They won for the first time in "The Show" so the trophy really means something. The members were shocked as their name was announced. The members thanked their fans and everybody who made it possible for them to comeback as a group.

In a Netizen Buzz article that translated B1A4's win, the fans and non-fans are really happy that B1A4 won number one. The public thinks that B1A4 members are talented enough and their songs are awesome for them to win the number one spot.

The people also commended how good "A Lie" is. Many of them recommended it to other people. Many are also saying it is definitely not your typical idol song as it is deeper and more meaningful than other songs.

Meanwhile, B1A4's leader and resident composer, Jin Young, said in a radio show that he is interested to work with famous rookie groups Gfriend and Twice if given the chance. Jin Young's composing and producing skills can adopt to the style and genre of the girl groups so he wanted to try and make a song for them.

Jin Young has been producing B1A4 songs since they debuted and now he has also produced for other groups' song. His most notable works are IOI songs.

Apart from that, Jin Young wrote "In The Same Place" during "Produce 101", the MNET show that created IOI. He also wrote "When the Cherry Blossoms Fade "and "Hold On". Both songs are in IOI albums.

B1A4 has self-composed their latest full album "Good Timing". This is their latest comeback after one year and some months. Fans are really happy that B1A4 won during this round of their promotions.

Watch B1A4's performance from MTV "The Show".

Also, watch their "A Lie" music video.

Also, listen to Jin Young self composed songs.

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