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Breakup rumors of Sulli, Choiza denied by social media updates

By Jaideep Lalchandani | December 12, 2016 01:48 PM EST

Breakup rumors between Sulli and Choiza have been making the headlines recently. They are still very much together by their recent posts on social media accounts.

Former f(x) member Sulli with her boyfriend shared her latest adventures pictures on Instagram. The picture of her and boyfriend Choiza and some other celebrities was from IU's concert on December 4.

Sulli also posted a video with Choiza having shots of soju together. The couple was looking happy and giggling over pictures of IU, which was shown at the bottom of their glasses. These posts of social media did put a break to all the rumors about Sulli and Choiza's breakup.

All these breakup rumors caught fire a couple of weeks ago when Sulli visits an emergency room with a cut on her wrist, an injury some claim, stemmed from a fight with her boyfriend. Reports also say that while singer-actress was drunk while she arrived in the emergency room with a 5 cm cut on her wrist.

This incident brought up the story of Sulli trying to commit suicide after breaking up with her boyfriend, Choiza. However, sooner Sulli denied the allegation with a post on Instagram on November 4, "I hurt myself in an accident. T.T I am sorry I have caused people to worry!"

SM Entertainment, which is Sulli's agency also kept on denying the allegations while of the other hand Choiza's agency, Amoeba Culture, didn't say anything on this issue.

Posting their pictures and videos on social media might be an indication to their fans about the couple denying the rumors of their breakup and telling them they are still together.

Sulli who was a member of girl group f(x) which she left last year to pursue her career in acting, while Choiza is a rapper.  

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