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Movie Review: Jo-In Sung wants to be 'The King'

By analine Murphy | December 12, 2016 05:01 AM EST

There is an enormous demand to get to the big screen looking for the man named Jo in Sung (Park Tae-soo). In his latest movie teaser, he commands the speech of one who desires to be a king.

The metaphor of the word escalates as he declares power his ultimate goal.

Making a go for it

First move, he headsets and gets the connection, Jung Woo-sung (Han Kang-shik, a groomed politician going for Chief Attorney General). There is no one holding this ambitious lowly attorney to drop his suitcase.

Tae -soo (Jo in Sung) sets on for power. He grants himself well.Second, he keeps a scheme, a decoy.

Should his way doesn't stay clear, he has a buddy Ryu Joon-Yeol (a gangster, and a friend to Tae-Soo) to finish the dirty job for him. Moreover, he comes out clean, after all, he is an attorney.

Furthermore, he does know his worth "not all lawyers came from Seoul University. Not all did study. Others did not take the bar exam; you just need to take the big picture" he says.

No hint of indecision

Third, he has ambition, and he knows it. To boot, the viewers take the ride with his dream.

How far his purpose will take him, the movie answers. In the video teaser, the thirst for power is set so emphatically by the shots given him. He is lean, aggressive and neat.

However, beyond the virtue that comes with his outfit, he declares and drips, " is it real that there are no prosecutors who abuse their authority?"

Apparently, the teaser pushes him; there is no stopping to purporting someone and rush to claim power.

That command will show people he will be number one. Because he wants it so strongly, he controls, not only himself but the world.

Tapping the box office

The movie filler is about 1:08 length but it does succeed in portraying Jo-in Sung's unyielding need to be king, to be number one. The plot also appears stable from the beginning.

Quickly the vision of what he can do and intend to do at his wit's end, the camera installs. He does manage influence and connections. Moreover, because he does not seek to fall, he engages the gangster and the worth of blackmail.

At this point, the viewers are held restrained to see him mimic the act of one hungry for power. Jo-ing Sung, is there anything that this actor cannot do after The King?

As an actor, he is the hungry young man in the "Piano," a wealthy son in "Something Happened in Bali," a charismatic gangster in "Carnival," and a royal buddy guard having an affair with the Queen on "Frozen Flower."

After these roles, its time for him to be king, and he does quite quintessentially. He speaks like a no second rate brawny, and he is at the high point.

He is "The King." What slice of truth does the teaser present? Ambition propels a man; He does stay, power rules.

The short teaser is convincing, the would-be king certainly has a date on the big screen.

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