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EXO-CBX Teases The Music Video For Their Impressive New OST!

By Officially Kmusic | December 10, 2016 07:50 AM EST

If you thought you had seen the last of EXO-CBX, then you were quite wrong! Exo's first sub-unit is back, and this time they're teasing their latest work on an OST. ChenBaekhyun and Xuimin have recorded a song for the popular online role-playing game 'Blade And Soul'.

Working together with NCSOFT West and producer Yoon Sang, the OST was first revealed to the public at the World Championships for the game on November 18th. The teaser for the track, titled 'Crush U', is seventeen seconds of an aesthetic setting and a ballad. While the 3 members walk through a building partly in ruins, snow falls gently overhead and we hear the soft melody that makes up a part of this track's instrumental.

Watch the teaser below:

We also got a look at CBX in studio, recording their song. In contrast to the snippet we heard in the music video teaser, the actual song also carries strong dance track elements that compliments the immense vocal capability of this sub-unit. CBX is showing us once again why we love them so much. Even longtime Exo-L's will find themselves in awe watching these three in their element!

Take a look at the in-studio teaser below:

The exact release date for the music video has not been announced yet, but it will definitely be sometime this month.

Recently, the three members rejoined Exo for the release of the group's first Japanese album, 'Coming Over'. Exo will also be releasing their annual winter album in the coming days!

What did you think of CBX's latest work?


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