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Lovelyz: What Is The Missing Formula?

By jasmooOnce | December 19, 2016 04:06 AM EST

Lovelyz, the eight-member girl group from Woollim Entertainment is composed of Baby Soul, Jiae, Kei, Jisoo, Jin, Soojung, Yein and Mijoo. These eight wonderful and talented ladies is what making Lovelyz Lovelyz.

Lovelyz debuted back in 2014 with now popular girl groups like Mamamoo and Red Velvet. Though Lovelyz started on a wrong footing because of Jisoo's scandals and rumors, they did recover after it was proven wrong.

Although Lovelyz is not really struggling like other girl groups who debuted before them or after them, they are not there yet. They are not on the first or second tier girl group nor did they become a trendy girl group.

Lovelyz are not as popular as Red Velvet or Mamamoo who are always on top 10 of Melon when they release a single. They are also overcome by Twice, Gfriend, and Blackpink that debuted in 2015 and 2016.

In my opinion, Lovelyz has everything. They have talented vocalists like Jin, Kei and Baby Soul. They also have entertaining members like Mijoo and Yein. They also have cute and catchy songs like "Achoo" and "Candy Jelly Love" especially their recent release "Destiny".

What is the missing formula to get Lovelyz recognized? I think Lovelyz needs to change their concept so they can be apart from the other girl groups that do that concept. Though they are good at it, I think going with a stronger concept will not harm the group.

They already have plenty of fans who want them to change their concept to more of a girl crush or chic type. Unlike other groups who already debuted with those that did not make it, I honestly think Lovelyz can achieve what they want if they did tweak their concept some more.

Also, Woollim needs to be more aggressive when it comes to promoting Lovelyz. Just like Woollim, Lovelyz members need to be more persistent when it comes to promoting. They need to stand out more when it comes to variety shows.

What do you think? Will Lovelyz reach a higher goal if they will change their concept or not?

Meanwhile, Lovelyz will have their first solo concert next year!

Watch their MVs below!

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