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EXO Releases For Life Album Video Teaser; Winter Love theme Warms Up

By analine Murphy | December 23, 2016 01:24 AM EST

The big EXO boys are back in a blockbuster album that runs in the tradition of their annual year-ender. The record combines songs to celebrate Christmas as part of their For Life collections.

This year's selections has "Winter Heart", "All I Want for Christmas" and "Falling For You". It features soulful ballad and upbeat pop music according to apdnews

In time for its release is a video teaser shot in a short movie style to include the winter- Christmas theme. It is to co-inside with the debut of five songs included in the mini-album.

The teaser up beats a  winter love has three of EXO's members starring, Kai, Chanyeol and Suho.It talks about two guys sharing the expression of love for one girl ( Japanese actress Sakuraba Nanami).

There is the binding element in a bracelet. One presented at a bar and a second one that has previously been in the girl's possession. Apparently, one of them she holds dear and the other one a passing through affection.

The shots articulate well with a play of colors to intensify the mood of losing someone, (neon lights in the dark night backdrop) the lighted door to show indecision and choice ( lights in full intensity) and a string of light bulbs set on poles around a park. Here, finally, the true love couples will meet.

The impression of choice is made very strong by overlapping solo shots of Chanleyol and Kai. Did they capture the search for love as it says in their album for the Christmas season? The video speaks well of it.

Taunted to be the group's gift to the fans this Christmas, the warmth of love that is expressed in the lyrics as well as in the short movie video cannot express enough the work that is put into this album. It includes their ballad beat with a very strong music and stripped down vocals per ilyricsbuzz.

The release of the winter album is in keeping with an EXO tradition to come up with a gift to their supporters at the end of the year. It is a fact that the group began this concept with Miracles in December (2013), December, The Winter Tales(2014), Song For You in 2015 and For Life (2016).

The warm love theme in the winter clinched in the over four-minute video is a collaboration of  Kenzie and Matthew Tishler.

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