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It's an all Girl's Day Out via Allure magazine:1960's fashion on the loose

By analine Murphy | December 25, 2016 08:16 PM EST

Girl's  pictorial with Allure magazine.
Readers of Allure magazine were taken back to the 1960's fashion trend with the Girl's group pictorial recently.The team personified fashion icons Bridget Bardot, Twiggy, Amy Winehouse and the hippies. They made them surface anew in these pictures. (Photo : Instagram- Girl's group account)
Soda can-size rollers, batman bangs, fluffy hairstyles, bell bottom pants, dramatic eyes, mascara, spiked lashes, cat eye-how are they to describe the fashion style in the sixties?

It's an all Girl's Day's holiday as the totally female pop group poses for Allure magazine.They transported the readers back in the 60's with the four girls posing for a pictorial. Each one sports eye and hair look typical in the era.

The period presents well-known celebrities both in the movies and the musical entertainment who are prominent every time this specific circa is referred to.These celebrities are the prototypes of the fashion in the 1960's: Twiggy, Amy Winehouse, Bridget Bardot and the hippies.

The fashion attributes are what the Girl's group wore in the magazine pictorial that brings back the retro fashion of the 60's per allkpop.

The cat eye, an almost  Cleopatra look-alike eye make-up catches the glamor and twang of sexiness in the photo that bears Yura, the Amy Winehouse personified. She is the cardboard cut-out of the sixties eye fashion in the profile pose, with long Hazel nut hair propped up with a tease.

It is the dominant hair fashion in that decade. How can you miss that cleavage that brings forth the snazzy yet fleshy copycat? Dramatic eyes that are accentuated by the heavy use of mascara that effected spiked eyelashes can never be doubted as a bold eye style in the period.

Bridget Bardot, the embodiment of the sex kitten (according to behindthescenemakeup) whose style matched a trademark of one with bedroom eyes and teased voluminous hair.Her vogue is iconic that up to this day, tutorials on how to achieve the look still get queries among fashion enthusiasts.

Her fashion Hyeri impersonates. The magazine pose is picture perfect of the sexy figure. She has the style that procures light foundation and heavy eye shadows.

Twiggy, famous for a hairstyle with the same name, Minah copied in an ultra-fashionable recreation via audacious lashes reflecting the face of the fashion model. She made the mini style of dressing a fad shock in the 60's.Stylish mascara and curled up lashes typical of the model's dashing taste she reprised likewise.

The hippie generation that was a pervading lifestyle creole of the era is never underrated. Sojin takes the layered bangs.

It suits the epoch well when flat irons ( hair iron) were utilized to control that straight locks look. Her tresses captures this strongly. Despite the fact that perhaps she has undergone the modern hair rebond in hair styling, the look gets a thumbs up for the fashion that it represents.


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