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K.A.R.D Members Have Fun With New ‘Oh Nana’ Video Choreography

By jasmooOnce | December 25, 2016 08:14 PM EST

The official YouTube channel of new kpop group K.A.R.D has recently uploaded new choreography with the title implying that the members were having fun more than being serious.

Daily Kpop News reported that K.A.R.D has revealed a very fun and cute new choreography video of their debut song "Oh Nana".

According to Allkpop, DSP Media has uploaded a new dance practice with K.A.R.D members goofing with each other while dancing to their debut song "Oh Nana".

The usual hyper BM became more hyper as the camera zooms in when it was his part. The girls, especially Somin, were all smiles as she is dancing to the choreography. Ji Woo was also laughing and smiling the whole time while playing with BM.

J.Seph, the usually quiet one in the group, let himself go and went all in when it was his rap part. It made the members laugh out loud. Fans were also really happy and surprised at what he did. He even steered little from the choreography.

K.A.R.D released the video as a special Christmas gift to fans. K.A.R.D is really well received especially in the international community of kpop fans. Their debut MV "Oh Nana" became a fast hit on YouTube because of the addictive song and cool choreography.

It has now more than two and a half million views on its official channel. Also, the first choreography video, which was released just this December 21, has now more than one million views. This is really good especially for a rookie group from DSP Media.

Meanwhile, fans are commenting on YouTube that DSP should release another one with the roles of the members interchanged. The guys should do the girls dance routine while the girls will do theirs.

Have you watched the funny choreography video from K.A.R.D?

Watch it below!

Also, watch the serious dance practice.

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