Day6 Had Fans Swooning In Singapore

By iReporter Team | December 28, 2016 10:45 PM EST

Day6 held their second fan meet in Singapore on the 10th December 2016. The boys had their first successful fan meet last December, the boys were back to meet their fans in Singapore for the second time. The venue was filled with the fans of Day6 at Big Box. As expected from the JYPE boy band, they had never failed to rock the night with their songs such as "Congratulations", "Letting Go" and other songs from their Daydream album.

The fan meet started with the lights dimmed, and the boy walked to the stage and got ready with their instrument. They started the fan meet with songs from their Daydream album "Blood" and "Like That Sun". The boys greeted the fans with smiles, and also waved to the fans who had waited for the day till they met the boys again.

The first segment of the fan meet started with Q&A. The questions were prepared by their fans prior to the fan meet. Fans took this opportunity to ask questions that they have been curious about.

After the first segment, the boys went to perform "Habits" and "I Hope". They continued the fan meet with games. The first game, the boys were up against each other. They played the game of "Cham Cham Cham". If the MC pointed to a direction and if the boys went to the selected direction, they lost. Moving on to the second game, the boys invited the lucky fans to play a game together. It's called "Guess the Song" and they had to guess the song when the music was being played. The winner had an opportunity to take photo with DAY6.

After the games, the boy continued with "First Time", "Letting Go" The fans showed their teamwork and love for the boys through the fan project that they did during "Letting Go" The boys were really touched to see the fans sway with the banners.

The boys expressed their happiness and thoughts for the fans that took their time to come down to support and watch them perform on stage. Young K mentioned that next year will be a great year, they are really preparing hard for their next comeback! They have also promised to visit the fans again for the third time soon. To commemorate the wonderful event, the fans took a group photo with the boys.

After they said their goodbyes, it's not over yet! The boys were back on stage for "Hunt", "Freely" and that marked the end of the fan meet. Definitely, the boys had soothed the fans in Singapore with their warmth voices. We hope that the fans had a good time as much as we do.

Watch Day6 performances below:

Special thanks to Three Angles Group and IME Productions Singapore for inviting to cover Day6 Fan Meeting In Singapore- DayDream 2016.

Writer: Hanisah | Photo Credits: Ong Melin | Video Credits: Ong Melin

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