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Park Bo-Gum unanimously won the vote for “Most Hardworking Actor“ in 2016

By Menahem Zen | December 27, 2016 11:17 PM EST

Top 5 of the most hardworking actor 2016 from Moolmang polling.
Top 5 of the most hardworking actor 2016 from Moolmang polling. (Photo : Moolmang/2016 '열일'해줘서 고마운 배우)

Actor Park Bo-Gum won the vote to be “The Most Hardworking Actor“ in 2016 in a recent polling by Moolmang. He topped the list ahead of senior actor Kang Dong-Won and even Cho Jin-Woong and Gong-Yoo.

The poll was taken by Moolmang, a Korean polling site. Last Saturday, Moolmang CEO Ko Seung-Hoon revealed the result, and Park topped the chart with 7,763 votes or 18.6 percent of total votes.

Kang took the second place with 16.1 percent with around one thousand votes trailed behind Park. This year, Kang is busy with three films, crime drama film “Violent Prosecutor” with Hwang Jung-Min early this year and followed by thriller “The Priest” which was released November. Later he played in the fantasy movie “Vanishing Time: A Boy Who Returned.”

According to report from Chosun Ilbo, total votes for the “Most Hardworking Actor” reached 41,655 votes spanning 14 actors and actress.

In the third place, is Park’s co-star in the “Reply 1988” drama Ryu Jun-Yeol with 14.9 percent or 6,223 votes. He recently finished filming the political thriller movie “The King” which is scheduled to release in January 2017. In May this year, Ryu starred in MBC drama “Lucky Romance” which gained enough ratings with 8.2 percent average.

Gong-Yoo took the fourth place collecting 4,152 votes which equal to 10 percent. He has been busy lately with the “Guardian/Goblin” drama in tvN following his blockbuster movie “Train to Busan.”

While senior actor Cho Jin-Wong took the 5th position with 7.3 percent of vote or 3,021. He recently just finished his role as movie star agent in Korean adaptation of “Entourage” in tvN. The rest of the votes are divided over 9 actors and actresses .

Earlier this year, in the KBS World “Entertainment Weekly” program, Park waspredicted to make a big impact in the Hallyu. The prediction is right as his drama “Love in the Moonlight” has gained huge attention from viewers in both Korea and International.

Watch the prediction about Park’s 2016 career from KBS World in the “Entertainment Weekly” program aired on Jan. 22 below:

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