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Ji Chang-Wook’s new movie ‘Fabricated City’ is scheduled to launch February 2017

By Menahem Zen | December 31, 2016 05:31 AM EST

Actor Ji Chang-Wook in one of the picture, taken from his social media.
Actor Ji Chang-Wook in one of the picture, taken from his social media. (Photo : Instagram/Ji Chang-Wook)

The new movie from Ji Chang-Wook “Fabricated City” has finalized its shooting this week. The crime thriller movie is slated to premiere February next year. For Ji he will play in another movie before enlisting in the military conscription duty this year.

According to Seoul Daily News, Ji plays an avid video gamer with a high reputation in the virtual game world named Kwon-Yoo. He was framed for raping and murdering a high school girl which crime happened while he was playing game in the Internet cafe. He was suspected to be the perpetrator and arrested.

Later on, he finds out that a big company and organization framed him for the murder. During his quest to prove his innocence, a fellow gamer and female hacker helps him to uncover the fact. The relentless pursuit to reveal the truth about the murder has become the main plot of the movie.

Before the filming has even finished, CJ Entertainment released  teaser railer for the movie on Monday, Dec.26 as reported by Insight. The trailer was released through Naver and it receives many positive feedback from the audicence and Ji fans.

Actress Shim Eun-Kyung also co-stars the movie. She plays the hacker Yeo-Wool who helped Kwon-Yoo with her skill. Other senior actors also co-star in the movie such as Kim Sang-Ho and Kim Ki-Cheon.

“Fabricated City” was written and directed by the playwright and movie direcote Park Kwang-Hyun who wrote and directed the award winning movie “Welcome to Dongmakgol” in 2005. This movie marks his comeback after 12 years of absence from the entertainment industry. The filming was wrapped up Thursday, Dec. 29 and is now entering the post-production stage.

For Ji, after this movie, he is already scheduled to star in another one “Two Constables” which may become his last movie project before enlisting in his mandatory military conscription next year. Watch the teaser trailer of “Fabricated City” with English subtitle below:

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