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Dreamcatcher Releases Teaser For ‘Nightmare’

By jasmooOnce | January 02, 2017 12:29 PM EST

The new and upcoming girl group Dreamcatcher has released its first music video teaser for their debut song "Chase Me."

Happyface Entertainment has released a weird, creepy and baffling trailer for Dreamcatcher's debut song "Catch Me". Dreamcatcher will be releasing their digital album "Nightmare" on the 13th together with "Chase Me" music video.

Mwave has reported that Happyface Entertainment representative said, "Dream Catcher′s storytelling officially opened through the trailer video. We ask for your interest as we unfold the story behind nightmares, the hunter and the members."

According to Allkpop, after releasing 2 types of individual teaser images and two group pictures, the girl group Dreamcatcher has now released a very creepy teaser. The teaser is understandably creepy because the track title is "Nightmare."

In the trailer, an eerie man is seen and he looks like he is obsessed with Dreamcatcher members. He is watching them on an old small Panasonic CRT TV screen while the girls of Dreamcatcher are summoning something with a Teddy Bear.

The title of their debut digital single is much fitted with the trailer released. It will definitely give you "Nightmares" as there are many weird and strange things in it.

The male character is seen drawing an image of Dream Catcher and burning the image as well as sharpening a pencil, looking through a camera and watching a TV screen.

Dreamcatcher are composed of former Minx members as they are only being rebooted by Happyface Entertainment. They have two new members, Handong and Gahyeon. As Dreamcatcher is hoping for a new beginning, they have also completely changed their concept.

Happyface has also shared a couple of dance practice and vocal practice of the girls to show off their talents.

Watch their trailer # 1 for "Chase Me" and their dance and vocal practices below.

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