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[Album Review] Akdong Musician ‘Winter’

By jasmooOnce | January 06, 2017 12:51 AM EST

[Album Review] Akdong Musician ‘Winter'
[Album Review] Akdong Musician "Winter". (Photo : YG Family / Twitter)

AKMU did not definitely disappoint with this album! YG should give them everything! One of the best acts in Kpop.

"Live" is a great song. The beat is slow and the instrumentals are really nice. It reminds of the 90s RnB that are really soothing and just pleasant to the ears. This is the first time that I actually appreciate Chan Hyuk's voice in their songs.

"Reality" is AKMU's usual playful song. Searched for the meaning and it is talking about the reality that many of us are poor and cannot take a taxi because we are broke. I know AKMU siblings are rich now but it is cute that they still write songs like this.

"Last Goodbye" is one of AKMU's heartfelt songs that you need to search the meaning because you know it has one. The music video is as great as the song.

"Play Ugly" this song is the definition of AKMU! I love the playfulness of the melody of this one. The lyrics are as fun as the song. The song talks about how people tease them that they are ugly but according to them they are just playing ugly. My favourite part of the song is their laugh.

"Chocolady" is a slow song that has one of the best instrumentals ever. Suhyun's voice is just too good for this world. The lyrics is

"You Know Me" is a reggae influenced song with a hint of Hawaiian sound to it. It's a really addictive song with its beat and melody. I love the guitar in it and how the background music isn't that loud so Suhyun's and Chanhyuk's voice stands out.

"Way Back Home" is another sad and mellow song in this album. Chanhyuk's parts are a little bit auto tuned and it is kind of not good for the song. He can sing so they should minimize it. Another great song!

"Will Last Forever" is a straight up ballad. With just piano in the background and the siblings' voices are amazing. I searched the meaning but did not find a translation. I really want to know what they are talking about, if it's a love song or just a song about people's lives.

I love how diverse AKMU's albums are and this one is not an exception. I also have a new appreciation for Chan Hyuk now. It's just so amazing how every genre fits these two individuals so much. Their parents must be an angel to have such kids like them.

I give this album 4.9 out of 5 because you know, nothing is perfect and this is only that close to perfection.

Listen to the album yourself and marvel at AKMU's talents!

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