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I.O.I’s Plans After Disbandment Revealed

By Charmaine Distor | January 09, 2017 12:54 PM EST

I.O.I perform at KCON LA 2016 at L.A. LIVE on July 30, 2016 in Los Angeles, California.
(Photo : Michael Boardman/Getty Images)

Yes, I.O.I will disband this 2017. It is indeed saddening to hear but, it seems that a brighter future is in store for the 11 girls of I.O.I.

Kpop Map revealed that despite the girls finally parting ways after only debuting last year, the girls of I.O.I will still be active with their respective agencies and groups.

As reported by Koreaboo, four members of I.O.I already had their debuts or returned to their home groups. The other seven members have other projects lined up for them including acting or debuting as a solo artist. Check the full list below.

1. Nayoung and Pinky

Leader Nayoung and the Chinese member of I.O.I, Pinky, shall return to their home group Pledis Girlz after the promotion of I.O.I ends. As revealed by Pledis Entertainment, the two will be part of the special concert of Pledis Girlz.

2. Sejong and Mina

As part of the new girl group Gugudan, Sejong and Mina already participated in the promotions of their debut album entitled "Wonderland". Together with the other members of Gugudan, they will be having a comeback this 2017.

3. Yoojung and Doyeon

Recently, Yoojung and Doyeon signed their contracts with Fantagio Entertainment. Although it will take time for them to debut this year since their entertainment just started holding auditions, the two will still be seen doing special performances.

4. Yeonjung

Just like the other members of I.O.I, Yeonjung will also be joining an existing girl group after I.O.I. She will be joining Cosmic Girls and will be part of the promotions of the comeback single of the group.

5. Somi

Belonging initially in JYP Entertainment, Somi is dubbed to be added as the 10th member of the hottest rookie group in town, TWICE. Although JYP Entertainment previously denied this, Somi is set to enter an art school to pursue her love for music and dancing.

6. Chungha

Other members will be either joining or creating a girl group, but for the case of Chungha, she will be debuting as a solo artist after I.O.I.

7. Sohye

Sohye just built her own entertainment, Shark and Penguin Entertainment, which currently houses herself alone. She is currently known for her naïve antics on variety shows and this year, Sohye plans to focus more on her acting career.

8. Chaeyeon

Just like Sohye, Chaeyeon will be focusing on her acting career alongside her promotions with her girl group, DIA. Recently, Chaeyeon hosted the 2016 SBS Drama Awards alongside Bum, Lee Hwi Jae, Minah, and Jang Geun Seuk.

Kpop Starz wishes all the best for the endeavors of the 11 girls of I.O.I. Fighting!


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