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Drama Review: Rebel Thief a.k.a Robin Hood Steals Hearts Not Goods: Still Photos Unveil A Gripping Action Is Ahead

By analine soriano Murphy | January 10, 2017 11:36 AM EST

First images fromthe Rebel; Thiefl Who Stole The People
Still photos confirm the labor that has been put in the filming of the Rebel: Thief Who Stole The People. They clearly show the use of costume and hair styles to make the fusion drama adhere closely to the Joseon period when the drama was set. They evoke a gripping action coming as well. (Photo : Youtube-Mexo Korean Drama)

MBC's ' Rebel: Thief Who Stole the People' has arrived with new still photos fed to the K-pop drama connoisseurs. All are in a wait for its premiere. Widely regarded to run ala Robin Hood in slant ( a hero who steals to share with the common man), the fusion sageuk promises more for the drama enthusiasts. Furthermore, the snapshots foreshadow a gripping action ready to unfold.

It delves far from the peripheral comparison to the former character. Contrasting attributes, in fact, can be said of the well-known Korean hero in the Joseon era.  Accompanying descriptions per Drama Beans confirm, yes, King Hong Gildong (Yoon Gyun-Sang)steals people's hearts, not goods.

The fillers have come in. Some portions of the tv series are slowly unlocking.

One reaction from the fans is the period costumes used. They speak of  a well-tailored color combinations that both show power and status. The feisty killer dressed and made up ready for the battle also presents so strongly.

Thus, supporters were quick to mention the tremendous use of wigs. Reviewing the hair styles in the Joseon period favors justifying the need for the toupee.

Some of the characters don long disheveled hair common among the feisty and rabid sluggers and killers of the time. Striking still is the presence of a topknot with or without a manggeon ( headband to hold the hair).

It symbolizes manhood or a commoner status ( without the headband), The same can be said of the female actors in sageuk dresses.

They wear bulky wigs essentially well. In style likewise, they are the authentic look of the Joseon period. The high volume hair is worn by queens, royal consorts, concubines and high-rank royal court ladies.

By fashion dictates,, the hair comes as a periwig shaped and worn around the head. TalkingCupbiard lists the fashion as Eonjun more. With the hairstyle, only the royal women could wear ornaments on the false hair.. 

Bold and bright hues of photo snapshots present the setting as similarly genuine as they can be. Clear space and area are vast with unwinding hills and mountains.  The scenery manifests the wild where the horses were drawn ready for the battle. This is central in showing how King Hong Gildong (Yoon Gyun-Sang ) realizes he needed to get his bearings on the leadership that the people so deserve.

Through the recent stills, the historical background has been laid out, description mapped out. The audience is ready for the action that is about to unfold. Some other actors in the lead roles are : Honey Lee,  Kim Sang-Joong, and  Chae Soo-Bin.




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