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‘Guardian/Goblin’ Episode 13 Spoilers: The Most Important Steps For Goblin To End His Immortality

By Menahem Zen | January 10, 2017 07:21 AM EST

Lee Dong-Wook as Goryeo king Wang Yeo in the "Guardian/Goblin" drama.
Lee Dong-Wook as Goryeo king Wang Yeo in the "Guardian/Goblin" drama. (Photo : Twitter/tvN Drama)

After struggling to find who he really is, Grim Reaper finally finds out his identity in the “Guardian/Goblin” Episode 12. The Goblin has also known about it as well. He rushes to find the Grim Reaper, but will he take his revenge, or will he make amend to his past?

The ill-fate relationship between Kim-Shin and the King Wang Yeo in Goryeo era will be re-enacted in today’s world in the “Guardian/Goblin.” After struggling to find out his true identify, Grim Reaper realizes that he holds the most important part of the misery which Kim Shin has to endure for more than 900 years. According to review from Insight, the entire story is repeated itself.

In the Goryeo era, the queen tried to protect both her older brother Kim-Shin and her husband the king who were being tricked by the eunuch Park Joong-Hun. However, she ended up being shot with soldier’s arrow ordered by her husband. While her brother was also killed by the order of the king.

“Guardian/Goblin” Episode 12 ended with a big question mark for Goblin. He already found out the identity of the Grim Reaper with no name who has been living in his house. He came after the Grim Reaper and confront him furiously.

The next episode of the “Guardian/Goblin” will be the most important decision which he must take to end his immortality for 938 years. He can either terminate the Grim Reaper or forgive him, because he already paid his sins by becoming Grim Reaper. Since people only become Grim Reaper without memory of their life when they comitted a grave sins.

On the other hand, the drama has also given benefit to the city of Incheon which became the main shooting location. According to Yonhap News Agency, the mayor of Incheon Yoo Jung-Bok will build a film studio in the city to attract more production in the city. Recently, the city of Incheon has reaped good benefit from the drama-related tourism industry.

Watch the end of “Guardian/Goblin” Episode 12 as Goblin came to Grim Reaper below:

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