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Twice Jihyo Gets Sad By Fans’ Hurtful Words

By jasmooOnce | January 10, 2017 07:54 PM EST

Twice’s adorable and very sincere leader has once again been hurt by some of their “fans”.
Twice’s adorable and very sincere leader has once again been hurt by some of their “fans”. (Photo : Twice / Twitter)

Twice's adorable and very sincere leader has once again been hurt by some of their "fans".

According to Allkpop, a video of the trendy girl group Twice in a fan meeting where they had a question and answer session with their fans is going viral.

The video started with Jungyeon reading one of the fan questions, "If the girls were professional athletes, which sport would best fit each member?" Jeongyeon answered that she might fit with fencing.

Other girls churned in and answered for other members like Tzuyu would fit swimming, while Mina would fit rhythmic gymnastics or maybe even Figure skating. Nayeon also said that Chaeyoung might fit running.

However when it was Jihyo's turn, the girls ignored some fans shouting "Weightlifting!" on the other hand, when Jihyo heard of it, she has this baffled expression on her face. She looked really surprised and hurt at the same time.

 The leader turned around and faced fellow member Jeongyeon. Fans are concluding that she did that to hide her unhappy expression.

In a NetizenBuzz article, many non-fans were mad at those "fans" who yelled stupid and ignorant things to Jihyo. "I'm not even a Twice fan and I know how nice of a person Jihyo is, I really wish she wasn't hurt by this ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ she's so pretty", a commenter said.

Another commenter was shocked saying, "Their fans... did this??? Even if this is just a joke, it's something that can hurt her, watch your words ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ poor Jihyo.."

There are also other people who defended the sport but understood Jihyo in the same time. "Weightlifting is not a bad sport but you can tell that the akgaes intended for it to hurt her. How many of you would actually like it if someone told you that you look like you'd be good at weightlifting?", the commenter stated.

Meanwhile, international fans are also fumed by the event. A comment with many up votes said, "You don't have to like anyone, support anyone other than the member you like, but you can do that and respect and ignore the other members."

Watch the heartbreaking expression of Jihyo in the video below.

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