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Seohyun Is Sexy and Dazzling In Her Solo Debut ‘Don't Say No’ MV

By jasmooOnce | January 17, 2017 10:04 AM EST

Girl's Generation Seohyun is finally a solo artist! Seohyun has released her debut song "Don't sday No" and its music video.

It seems like the shy and innocent maknae is ready to try other things as she is sexy and super gorgeous in her "Don't Say No" music video. Allkpop has reported that Seohyun has revealed her solo music video and she looks gorgeous rocking the retro look while her powerful vocals attract both eyes and ears of the viewers.

The "Don't Say No" music video is a total shock to some viewers especially to those who knows Seohyun's personalities. There are even scenes of Seohyun with some guy and they were very intimate with each other.

Many Girl's Generation fans are super happy and proud of Seohyun's solo debut. They have witnessed the complete transformation of Seohyun from being the shy and strict girl to this gorgeous and talented young lady.

In a Netizen Buzz article, people were all praise for her. Many comments were saying the song is so good. One commenter said, "The song is really daebak," while another said, "The song's better than I thought... do well, Seohyun!"

Other comments are talking about Seohyun showing off her great body. A comment said, "It really has been a waste to not show off her great body off more." Another comment stated, "Her body has always been great since she was younger. Can't wait for the stage, don't say no!"

Meanwhile, other comments are happy that Seohyun can now really work on the type of music she likes. "It's really great to see her pursuing the type of music that she wants after 10 years by participating in composing and writing the lyrics," the comment stated.

Meanwhile, there are some international fans who are comparing Seohyun solo debut to Ariana Grande. However, a YouTube comment said, "Just because someone sings high notes, has a ponytail, dances with back dancers doesn't mean she's trying to be ariana grande lol." Watch Seohyun's solo debut "Don't Say No" music video below.

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