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Moon Chae Won Is Flawless And Gorgeous As The New Model For SNP Skin Care Makeup Brand

By Siti Fatimah | January 18, 2017 08:48 PM EST

Moon Chae Won is a great actress that everyone loves for her great acting. She is also known to build chemistry so fast with co-worker. Moreover, she has a great skin and recently she is chosen as the new face for SPN makeup brand. The agency shared some pictures of her.

Moon Chae Won is so happy becoming a model of SPN and she works well for her role. Her agency, Namoo Actors, shared some pictures of her in behind cuts, according to report from AllKpop. For the add, she needs to show how pretty and gorgeous her skin is.

On the pictures shared by the agency, Moon Chae Won is wearing white shirt, showing her face as the main shot. She has long hair with bangs put aside. Sitting on a chair, she is holding SNP makeup cream.

Moon Chae Won has natural makeup this time with soft pink lipstick. He is really beautiful with natural aura. According to report from Koogle, Moon Chae Won is like glowing for real for this photo shoot.

It can be denied since the actress has a natural beauty. She has a nice smile and with the "SNP", she is able to show the soft smile of hers. The skin care product "SNP" can be really seen at the picture. With the collar down and one opened button, people can see that the actress' neck is standing perfectly.

Her skin from face to neck is perfection. Holding the product gently with one hand, she shows how pretty she is when she smiles and poses. At another picture, she is touching his cheek with one hand without holding the makeup.

Another picture, she folds her fingers and touches her cheek again gently. She really kills the shot this time and it shows that she is the real goddess. For acting, commercial and many more activities, she can show professionalism and fans cannot wait to see her more in the future.

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