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Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon Supports Crush With Fun Comments

By Charmaine Distor | January 30, 2017 11:38 AM EST

Girls' Generation's Taeyeon proved that she can be dorky around her friends. The SNS world was bombarded recently with Taeyeon's fun comments in Crush's Instagram live broadcast.

Crush recently had a live performance of his song on his Instagram account and many fans noticed that several personalities also tuned in to check Crush's performance which included the resident lead vocalist of Girls' Generation. According to  Soompi, Taeyeon started catching fans' eyes when she called Crush by his real name, Shin Hyo Seob.

Taeyeon kept on teasing Crush by posting a series of comments. She started off with requesting Crush to mention her name on the live broadcast, but Crush seemed not to notice so she left a comment saying "I asked you to call my name...and you turn on music instead."

The series of teasing continues as Taeyeon turned her focus over Crush's dog named Duyu. Taeyeon showed her support by stating funnily that Duyu must be happy to hear Crush's new song. But, Taeyeon immediately continued to be funny by commenting that even if Duyu liked Crush's music, Crush should not fool Duyu with a cracker.

Aside from Taeyeon's teasing remarks, she also left several commentaries and review of the songs Crush played during the live broadcast. She even liked one of the songs which made her say that it really fits the mood in an arcade.

Some might not be aware but, Taeyeon and Crush grew closer after they had a collaboration song last year with "Don't Forget". All Kpop wrote that the said song was one of the beautiful collaborations last year which Crush performed during last year's Mnet Asian Music Awards.

Crush also constantly kept contact with Taeyeon after the said collaboration. Moreover, aside from Taeyeon, other celebrity friends of Crush also tuned in to his live broadcast just like Jessi and Dean.

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