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EXID's Hani Gained Weight For Eating Ramen On A Daily Basis

By Charmaine Distor | January 31, 2017 03:40 AM EST


K-pop idols are just humans who can't resist the temptation of instant ramen. EXID's Hani was also caught in this spell and here's the effects of her ramen diet.

On Jan. 28, Koreaboo wrote that Hani used to live with a very unhealthy lifestyle which included her ramen diet. It was revealed in the said article that Hani used to eat instant ramen every day which made her gain a whopping 9 kilograms in a very short span of time. The said weight was actually during their early "Up and Down" promotions.

However, it was also noted that the said unhealthy diet which led Hani to gain weight was also one of the reasons why she's continuously losing weight these days. Some insiders reported that because of the increase in the promotions of EXID's songs, Hani suffered from late meals and even to the point where she skipped meals.

Some reports also stated that Hani became too conscious of her figure to the extent that she thought she was too fat for EXID. Because of this mentality, Hani went through several extreme methods in losing weight such as only eating once a day.

Way back in 2015, All Kpop also wrote that Hani's fellow members in EXID worried about her means to lose weight. They even shared that whenever they see the oh-so-skinny Hani, they can't help themselves to remind Hani to always eat.

Fans have mixed reactions over Hani's weight loss. Some even asked Hani to share her tips on how she achieved her skinny body. On the other hand, some fans truly worried about Hani's welfare even remarking that Hani is slowly losing her iconic buttocks because of her unhealthy diet.

Thankfully, Hani recently gained weight and returned to her original ideal sexy figure. Fans are praising the singer for her recent efforts to have a healthier lifestyle.

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