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BTS’s Jin Joked That Suga and J-Hope Should Work on Their Communication After Hilarious Messages In Group Chat!

By Staff Writer | February 01, 2017 12:54 PM EST

Bangtan Boys member, Jin, has shared entertaining example of the popular boy group's conversation in their group chat. The visual of the group uploaded two screenshots of said group chat on Bangtan Boys' official Twitter on Jan. 23.

On the screenshots, fans can read "Seokjin and the Six Babies" (Seokjin being Jin's real name). Then there's a caption titled "Real-time BTS chat room". As seen below, Jin puts pink as the background color of his chat room.

As reported by Soompi, the first screenshot image is from Suga (or "Big Hit Min Yoongi", as Jin has Suga's real name saved in his phone). Suga asked, "Anyone want to eat chicken?"

The message then was repied by J-Hope (saved as "Big Hit Jung Hoseok" in Jin's phone, with Jung Hoseok being J-Hope's real name). J-Hope said in just a few minutes, "Oh, chicken. I do want to eat chicken. Where are you?" And as if an afterthought, J-Hope added "hyung" later, a polite term for an older male friend or and older brother.

Suga answered, "I'm at the dorm. I ordered it already. Are you coming to eat it?" Which was replied by J-Hope that he was also at the dorm at that time. J-Hope added a happy sticker in the end.

So that was when Jin jumped in in the chat room! He laughed at the pair for not knowing that the both of them were actually in the dorm, and told them they need to communicate more.

Bangtan Boys' official Twitter has more than four milion followers. Both overseas and Korean fans had expressed their joy at the hilarious exchange. International fans were mostly waiting for translation of that tweet knowing it was written in Korean, while Korean fans were commenting with laughing emoji.

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