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Lee Min Ho Ignores Rumors About Taylor Swift Romance

By Staff Writer | February 15, 2017 12:59 PM EST

Lee Min Ho Ignores Rumors About Taylor Swift Romance, Reason Behind Tom Hiddleston Split Unveiled
Lee Min Ho and Taylor Swift are currently two of the hottest celebrities in the two sides of the world today. With this, reports suggest that the two are into each other, which might possibly tell why Swift and Tom Hiddleston broke up. (Photo : Photo by Ashley Pon/Getty Images)

It has been months since the Lee Min Ho and Taylor Swift dating rumors had been swirling around the World Wide Web. But contrary to what most people believe, these rumors are debunked for good.

But despite all of these, there are still reports that eagerly push Lee Min Ho as the reason behind the split between Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston. All of these rumors have resurfaced right after the two former couples have reconciled with each other. Now, everyone is just confused as to what they should believe in.

According to Gossip Cop, Swift and Hiddleston are back to talking with each other. This leads many to think that the two might rekindle their love for one another. But with the publicity of the Wildest Dreams actor had leaked in the internet, many were surprised, primarily due to the fact that Swift had just broke off with Calvin Harris.

After a few weeks, the two were then rumored to have ended their relationship. But then again, Lee Min Ho is not to blame for this. According to Chatt Sports Net, the one to blame for the couple's doomed relationship is their tight and busy schedule.

But how did the Lee Min Ho and Taylor Swift rumor started? Well, it just started off as a speculation piece written by an undisclosed author that listed down potential date candidates for Swift. That's how it all started, accidentally and innoccently. After that everything went loose.

The news was then picked up by sites who misunderstood the news. Lee Min Ho's agent and team just laughed at the rumor. Meanwhile, Taylor Swift and his crew just laughed off of it, as they found it ridiculous.

Lee Min Ho and girlfriend, Suzy Bae, are doing very good with their relationship right now.

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