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T.O.P., Kim Junsu Enter Military Service Training, Swarmed With Hundreds Of Fans

By Staff Writer | February 17, 2017 06:10 AM EST

T.O.P. And Kim Junsu Enters Military Service Training, Swarmed With Hundreds Of Fans
T.O.P. and Kim Junsu, two of the hottest young stars of South Korea, have just entered the compulsory military service training. Despite this, hundreds of die-hard fans still swarmed the young lads. (Photo : Chung Sung-Jun/Getty Images)

T.O.P. and Kim Junsu both arrived at the Nonssan Army Training Center last Feb. 9. This was in the province of Chungcheong.

But even though the two wanted to proceed with a private enlisting process, still, diehard fans from nowhere suddenly arrived at the location and swarmed the two stars, just to have a glimpse of them. There were more than 200 fans that went to the enlistment military camp, bringing with them banners and signs that rea, "Stay Well", "We will wait for you, Jun Su."

Unfortunately, the two Kpop sensations didn't greet their fans back to retain the seriousness and professionalism of their enlistment. But then again, these two lads know how to please their fans. Just as soon as they had the time, they went on to their own Instagram accounts and wrote a farewell message for all of their fans to see.

T.O.P. went to Instagram to say that he just wanted to leave quietly. He also went on to say sorry to his fans for not greeting them back. The Instagram post is now deleted. According to Yibada, T.O.P., together with Junsu, would just spend four weeks of basic military training in the camp.

After the basic training is done, T.O.P. will continue with his military service as one of the band agent specialists in the Seoul Metropolitan Police Department. Meanwhile, Kim Junsu will be a police officer at the Gyeonggi Nambu Provincial Police Agency.

According to The Star, T.O.P. is the first BIG BANG member to enlist in the military. G-Dragon will enlist in the military this year, together with Taeyang. They will then be followed by Daesun in 2018, while Seungri will be up for military enlistment on 2019.

It is worth noting that before T.O.P. left for the military enlistment, G-Dragon, visited him up in the hair salon. The two Kpop sensations will surely be missed.

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