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Indian Movie ‘Kannayya’ Receives Massive Backlash For Plagiarizing EXO’s ‘Growl’ And ‘Baby Don’t Cry’ Soundtracks!

By Inayah Mulia Dewi | February 17, 2017 05:10 AM EST

A new Indian movie "Kannayya" allegedly plagiarized two EXO's songs, "Growl" and "Baby Don't Cry" to be its original soundtrack. This news certainly has made fans all over the world furious.

What's even worse is the Indian movie not only copies EXO's songs without permission, it also blatantly plagiarizes songs from another South Korean band, LC9. According to Korea Boo, the "Kannayya" soundtrack sounds exactly like EXO's and fans are not exaggerating.

However, there hasn't been any a comment or official statement from both SM Entertainment and Poppin Films, the producer of "Kannayya". Until now, fans are still flooding the Indian movie soundtrack's YouTube comment section, urges the producer and anybody involve in the film to explain and apologize. Allkpop reported the video has been watched 70,000 times and has received thousands of thumb downs from angry EXO-L; fantastic numbers compared to the numbers of like it receives.

The "MaMa Beat" can be heard immediately at the beginning of the video. Meanwhile, EXO's rip-off version of "Growl" starts at 4:24, and "Baby Don't Cry" begins to play at 14:33. A lot of EXO-L from India has been expressing their anger and disappointment upon finding a film from their country has blatantly copied EXO's songs as its soundtrack.

The songs are listed in iTunes as a part of "Kannayya" original motion picture soundtrack. The soundtrack was released by Mango Music on January 20 and it is sold for $1,29 each. There is no credit for the original creators or the idol groups that performed the songs. However, it mentions Satya Kashyap, Veeru, and Siddhu as the creators of the soundtrack.

This could be the fourth plagiarism scandal within the past few weeks. Previously, a Turkish rapper and Chinese boy group were caught plagiarizing VIXX's performance and music "Dynamite". Other idol groups like BTS and GOT7 were also targeted as an "inspiration" by Taiwanese idol group. Hopefully, there will be an official statement and apology from the "Kannayya" producer to address this allegation.

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