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Bada Was Given A Highlight By Eugene And Shoo For The Shoot For 'Elle'

By Siti Fatimah | February 22, 2017 10:04 PM EST

S.E.S's Bada is about to tie the knot this March with a businessman. Other members of S.E.S, Eugene and Shoo are happy about her marriage. Recently, in the shoot for "Elle", both members give the spotlight for Bada to shine more as she is about to get married.

Bada announced earlier this year that she was about to get married on March. She had several months dating with the businessman and revealed why she chose the decision on him. She said that she was in love with the kindness of the man even though he was 9 years younger.

As reported by AllKpop, during the shoot for "Elle," all the members were together and took a nice shot wearing long dresses. Bada was wearing a white dress with flowers on her head. The flowers were put as the hair band and she looked stunning with the dress.

All of the members were smiling wildly in the shoot as they were so happy for Bada's upcoming wedding. She was in the middle of Eugene and Shoo. Eugene's dress and Shoo's dress had different color from Bada's to give highlight for Bada. As Bada had flowers headband, Eugene and Shoo wore flowers bracelet on their hands.

Bada will get married with a businessman on March 23 at a cathedral. The marriage will be the last marriage after two members who got married already before. S.E.S will have all married members. Yet, Bada said to be confident as a married singer after marriage.

S.E.S has made a great achievement in music industry with its domination in the past. As recorded by Chosun, the girl group has made a comeback after having a break for about a decade. Their comeback was a great success as they were able to perform well on stage to entertain their fans.

With the upcoming wedding of Bada, other members and fans expect her to live happy marriage. Fans also cannot wait to see more of Bada and S.E.S as singers.

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