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Minzy Just Announces Her Official Fans Club Name On Instagram, Chose SOP Means Light

By Siti Fatimah | March 01, 2017 07:13 AM EST

Minzy is a great dancer and singer. Leaving 2NE1 and YG Entertainment, she is ready for a new start. Having to postpone her solo debut to focus on "Sister's Slam Dunk," she has just announced her fans club name.

According to AllKpop, Minzy announced the name of her fans club on her instagram. The name POS was chosen as it means light in Greek. She expected that fans would be her light and hoped that they would be her loyal fans.

Meanwhile, according to Soompi, Minzy decided to focus on doing "Sister's Slam Dunk," and postponed to release her album since she wanted to do her best doing one activity at a time. Moreover, she wanted to show her new side in a variety show and also greeted her fans.

Having one show at a time is great as she can show her best to the fans. Moreover, it is her first activity after leaving YG Entertainment so that she wants fans to recognize her more. For her upcoming album, it will be the work of her own music.

The new album will show her true color in music. Fans cannot wait for her album as there will be a collaboration of her and Jay Park. They have known to be friends for so long, so doing music together is a fun thing. Jay Park is known to have collaboration with several artists and his range of music is varied too.

For Minzy, her appearance in "Sister's Slam Dunk" will help her to be recognized by fans and that her album will be sold better. Previously, she was praised for her appearance in this variety show as she showed her mature side although she was the youngest in 2NE1. People can see that she has mature thought and she does well in vocal test and dance test for the new girl group of Unnies. She also does her homework in dancing really well and gets praised by the dance teacher. Having shown a great performance in variety show, POS cannot wait to see her color more in "Sister's Slam Dunk" and also the upcoming solo album.

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