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K-Much Metamorphosed Into Ba.A, Adds New Member From Mnet’s “Boys24”

By AV | March 03, 2017 04:34 AM EST

K-Much is going through a metamorphosis! Reportedly, it recently changed its name to Be.A, which stands for Be Artist.

In Feb. 2017, it was accordingly announced that K-Much will change their name. The group have been asking fans to choose from one of the three nominees: Be.A (Be Artist/Be.A/ Become an artist), Champ (Become the Idol Champion) and B.O.T (Boy on top). And apparently, in Feb. 28 they broadcasted that now K-Much will be called by their new name Be.A.

Then, in March 2, Soompi reported, that the group also announced the addition of new member, BomB. Park Woo-young with the stage name BomB, made his first TV appearance on Mnet's survival program "Boys24." Be.A further hinted that they will be making comeback this year. The details accordingly will be revealed in Mar. 2017.

K-Much, according to Wikipedia, is a boy band formed under Chrome Entertainment in 2014. They debuted in 7 Jan. 2014 with the release of their first mini album "Beyond the Ocean." The group now consists of five members: Kiu, G.Low, BornUs, Ato and BomB.

Although the group's English name had always been K-Much, allegedly their original Korean name was Gamulchi, which is translated as snakehead. The snakehead is a fish that is popular as a health food in Korea. It reportedly symbolizes longevity. In Aug. 2014, the Korean name of the group was changed to K-Much to match the group's English name.

Accordingly, in 2014 K-Much participated in the first Chrome Entertainment family project, a digital single album titled "2014 Chrome Family - A Very Special Christmas."  The album, as well as a music video for the single "Love Christmas" was released in Dec. 2014.

It was also in 2014 that K-much reportedly released their first mini album, "Beyond the Ocean." The album consisted of three tracks: "I'm Sorry," "What Should I Do," and the single, "Good to Go."

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