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Taeyeon's Graduation Photos Surface After 'My Voice' Release, Shows The Idol's Forever Adorable Face

By Eddwyn A. | March 06, 2017 07:35 AM EST

Taeyeon's graduation photos have been popping up like mushrooms since she dropped her first solo album "My Voice". Her graduation pictures have spread like a virus on numerous online communities.

Taeyeon's graduation photos have surfaced after she released her first solo album titled "My Voice" on Feb. 28, reports Koreaboo. And with the said pictures gone viral, fans can't help but notice that Taeyeon's appearance hardly ever changed.

Fans have discerned that Taeyeon's facial features basically developed as she grew older over the years. Taeyeon's diet, training, and care also had a role in maintaining her charming looks and her natural beauty as well.

Looking at the graduation photos, Taeyeon had a chubby baby face as she graduated from elementary. Her chubby cheeks, however, had gone as Taeyeon went through middle school and gave her a much more shaped face.

Taeyeon finally lost all those baby fats she was carrying as she went through high school. She retained how she looks through the years as she still appears to look lovely until now.

In other news, Taeyeon has just released her latest solo album titled "My Voice", as previously reported. The album has the song "Fine" as its lead track.

The former vocalist of the now disbanded Girls' Generation have really succeeded in her attempt of being a solo artist as she pre-sold 114,000 copies of "My Voice". This showed how Taeyeon's fan really loves her.

Taeyeon's "My Voice" has 13 tracks in total, with the song "Fine" as the album's lead track.  The physical album also has an exclusive track titled "Time to Walk Through Memories". The digital album does not have the exclusive track, unfortunately.

The MV for "Fine" was also released on the SMTown YouTube channel on the same day the album was released. The video then garnered more than 1 million views in just 24 hours. The MV now has 6,975,945 views, as of this writing.

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